PHOTO LOC 0-10V Control Cable 8' Trunk + 5' Branch (White)



The PHOTOBIO DC 0-10V Communication Tree enables multiple LED fixtures to be interconnected and controlled from a centralized location. The rugged modular system focuses on signal integrity, consistency, and reliability while offering fast, simple, and secure connections from the first fixture to the last.

Designed to excel in rigorous Indoor Farm and Greenhouse conditions, PHOTOBIO DC Communication Tree locking connections are IP67 rated providing complete dust protection and protection against temporary submersion in water.

From the centralized controller, the PHOTOBIO DC Communication Tree is fully plug and play, providing fast and secure locking connections. Straight “Trunk” lines, “Trunk with Branch” T control cables, and signal repeaters are used in combination to suit your unique needs. Hydrofarm’s grower-centric, full-service lighting design services are complimentary to ensure our partners grow! Contact Us

For use with PHOTOBIO MX, TX and T LED fixtures and is fully compatible with Autopilot PX(2+) Series Advanced Lighting Controllers.

This item, the PHOTO•LOC 0-10V T Cable is a linkable 8.0’ long “Trunk” with 5.0’ long “Branch” line that allows DC communications signal to interconnect multiple PHOTOBIO fixtures on a single centralized controller. PHOTO•LOC T Cables are used in a 1:1 ratio; one fixture to one PHOTO•LOC T Cable and provide Male to Female daisy chain of “Trunk” line for connection to either central controller, jumper cable, or T cable from adjacent fixture.

Features 18AWG braided flexible copper wiring, convenient push lock connections and is UV resistant.

Cable and connections rated IP67 for enhanced dust and water protection.

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