Infinity XE Light Bar, 60w, full spectrum white



Commercial Indoor Farming LED Grow Light

Our Infinity XE LED Grow light delivers light precisely where you need it with perfect uniformity. With easy installation and daisy-chaining capabilities of up to 35 fixtures, it’s the ideal light for indoor farming applications like vertical food production and cannabis in its earliest stages.

Many believe vertical farming is the future of agriculture. This versatile LED grow light can help your business thrive.

Intense, Uniform Light

Hallmarks of Infinity XE include delivered light intensity of 50-400 PPFD and excellent uniformity across the canopy. Infinity improves plant health, production yields, and profits.


Infinity XE can get within 6-inches of your canopy, allowing you to maximize the number of vertical shelves in your grow operation. This is useful for growing cannabis, vertical food production, and propagation in limited space settings.

Infinity XE can also easily be dimmed or adjusted.

Easy, Affordable Installation

Thrive Agritech’s family of LED grow lights are easy to install with simple mounting and electrical connections. Simple installation helps save your business money.

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