Gard'nClean Fast Release Dry Gas Deep Deodorizer

SKU: GG-670100


The Gard’nClean ClO2 Fast Release is a true dry gas fumigation for deeply deodorizing any space or environment

This includes hard to reach areas such as microscopic openings on non-sealed materials, HVAC ducting, electrical components, and much more. Due to the very small size of the chlorine dioxide molecule, it can easily penetrate into all of these spaces to eradicate the source of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), odors, and other compounds from deep within.

Ideal for use in all cultivation, drying and processing areas, hallways, storage locations, delivery bays, bathrooms, common areas, kitchens and more.

Available Sizes:
1K – Treats up to 1,000 cubic feet
2.5K – Treats up to 2,500 cubic feet
4K – Treats up to 4,000 cubic feet
10K - Treats up to 10,000 cubic feet

Although Gard’nClean Fast Release can be used on its own, we recommend that all surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with Gard’nClean GC Liquid before performing a Fast Release Gas Treatment.

  • Just add water to activate
  • Fast-acting 3-Dimensional gas treatment
  • Higher part per million for your deep cleaning needs
  • Complete Environmental Deodorization
  • Safe for surfaces, equipment and infrastructure
  • Minimum treatment time of four hours
  • The sachet is landfill friendly
  • Discard excess liquid down any drain
  • REI (Re-entry interval) of 12 hours (PPE Required if re-entering prior to REI)

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