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Azera® Insecticide is a premium organic product with multiple modes of action that provide excellent control of the hardest-to-kill, hard-bodied pests along with quick knockdown and kill of the most destructive soft-bodied insects. With three modes of action Azera® effectively controls insects through: contact, ingestion and insect growth regulation. Because Azera® delivers quick knockdown and control of many hard-to-kill pests, it can be one of the most important tools in your arsenal.

Azera® is a softer, botanically-derived insecticide that has a high impact on pests.

  • Multiple modes-of-action deliver a one-two punch
  • Quick knock-down, and kill of a broad spectrum of hard-to-kill insects
  • Kills listed pests through contact or by ingestion
  • Labeled for use on over 200 crops and ornamentals
  • Contains Pyrethrins and Azadirachtin, botanical insecticides derived from plants
  • Lower than a 6.5 pH prior to being added into a spray tank

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