Thrive Agritech - The Pinnacle LED, 600w, full spectrum white, 0-10V dimming



Your cultivation operation needs high intensity and uniform light. And our Pinnacle 600W LED grow light delivers it.

Thrive Agritech’s Pinnacle 600W LED grow light provides a high intensity, uniform blanket of light to the canopy. Versatile, strong, and long-lasting, Pinnacle LED lights help plants flourish in various settings.

Maximize Crop Yield

At 600W, the Pinnacle LED light is a near-perfect one-for-one replacement for existing 1,000W double-ended HPS lights. In addition, Pinnacle has an optimized light spectrum to ensure healthy plants and high yields.

Optimized Light Spectrum

Pinnacle can efficiently deliver more than 1,800 PPFD to the canopy at mounting heights ranging from 3’-6’. In head-to-head trials against other LED lights, the Pinnacle has demonstrated clear advantages in yield, quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Energy Efficient LEDs

Cost savings go both ways. You can maximize your profit margins by increasing your crop harvest and adopting high-efficiency LED technology that can significantly reduce your electric bill.

Easy Installation

Quick and easy to mount, the Pinnacle 600w commercial grow light can be daisy-chained to up to 10 fixtures.

ETL Certified, DLC Listed

Industry-standard certifications make the robust Pinnacle 600w LED Grow Light great for various growth operations.

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