Suffa (Liquid Sulfur)

SKU: 120833


Suffa® is a flowable fungicide for the control of a variety of diseases in Citrus, Field, Fruit, Nut, Ornamental, Turf and Vegetable applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains 6 pounds of Sulfur per gallon
  • For use in aerial, chemigation and ground applications
  • Registered for use in a wide range of fungal diseases, insects and nutrient deficiencies


How soon after applying Suffa® can an oil application be made?
Do not use Suffa® with oil or within 4 weeks of an oil application, unless noted otherwise on the label under specific crop directions.

Will Suffa® cause burn on my crop?
During periods of high temperatures Suffa® may burn foliage and fruit. Consult with your local extension service for recommendations.

Always read and follow the label instructions on the product container(s) before using.

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