HortGrow SmartEra® Grow Cube 6x6x4" Mesh Cube



A proven, OMRI listed, hydroponic substrate for propagation and professional growing, facilitating maximum precision in plant management. HortGrow Grow Cubes are made with a pre-mixed proprietary blend of fresh water rinsed and aged coco pith, chips and fiber to ensure optimum water, nutrient and air retention. Ideal for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor growing environments. It’s suitable for both conventional and organic growing systems of multiple specialty crops. HortGrow coco promotes root development and plant vigor.

  • Precision Growing: Proven hydroponic substrate, optimally blended with coco chips, fiber and pith to retain defined levels of air, moisture and nutrients.
  • Economical: Proprietary manufacturing supports large scale operations. Grower friendly, quick set up helps to saves on water, nutrients and labor.
  • Contaminant Free: Fresh water rinsed and aged to ensure lowest salts. Free from weed seeds, insects, pathogens, pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Eco-Friendly: A natural and sustainably sourced product, Fully biodegradable and compostable.

Build your own HortGrow Grow Cubes

  • Ideal for plant-starts: seeds or vegetative cuttings
  • Easy to transfer to larger grow bag or container
  • Customize volume capacity from one to 10 liters
  • Choose between non-woven mesh or burlap wrapped

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