Thrive Agritech - Pinnacle HP, 840w, full spectrum white, 0-10V dimming, 100-277v



Setting a new standard in high performance lighting

Thrive Agritech’s 840W Pinnacle HP is the ultimate solution for indoor farms and greenhouses where maximizing plant production yields are driving your business.

Lots of Light

The innovative design of the Pinnacle HP light enables an amazing 2,350 µmols/sec without the need for active cooling such as water or fans. The high intensity light means your plants will be getting plenty of light for peak photosynthesis, plant health, and crop yield.

High Intensity with Fewer Lights

It’s true – less can be more! As an 840 watt LED fixture, the Pinnacle HP delivers high intensity light onto the canopy with far fewer lights than typical 600W LED lights. And having fewer lights makes life is easier for you during installation and beyond.

Minimize Shadowing

For greenhouses, having fewer lights also means less shadowing of the canopy and better crop production.

A Reliable, Dependable Workhorse

Sleep well at night knowing Thrive Agritech has a demonstrated track record of designing and manufacturing the most reliable LED lights in the horticulture industry. And with a 5-year warranty and 50,000 hour lifetime, the Pinnacle HP is no exception.

ETL Certified, DLC Listed

Industry safety and performance certifications provide peace-of-mind that you are installing a high quality light fixture that delivers in every way possible.

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