Philips GreenPower CMH Lamp - 315w, 3100K°

SKU: GG-600202


An efficient growth light lamp Philips Green Power CDM-TP Lamps provide outstanding growth light performance and substantial energy savings when combined with an efficient ballast. Superior performance

  • Excellent PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) – 1.9 umols/s
  • Superior lumen/PPF maintenance of 90% at 8,000 hours
  • Long life – 20,000-hour rated average life†
  • Suitable for use in open fixtures

Reduced cost of ownership

  • Higher growth light compared to 400W HPS lamps*
  • 93% ballast efficiency can provide substantial energy savings
  • Increased time between re-lamping cycles when compared to standard metal halide lamps**

**Point at which 10% failure point for standard 400W metal halide is approximately 9000 hours compared to 12,000 hours for Green Power CDM-TP Lamp.

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