Microbe Life Hydroponics Terps Plus

SKU: ML22073


Terps Plus is a fertilizer enhancer that is specially formulated and tested solution built to drive terpene production and cannabinoid output. Terps Plus contains proprietary technologies discovered and developed by Los Alamos Laboratories and the University of California at Riverside. Terps plus encourages rapid plant nutrient uptake; promotes plant growth and plant vigor, thereby optimizing crop quality and yield potential.
  • Terps Plus is a cannabis proven suite of technologies, custom formulated and built on technologies sold across thousands of acres of high value specialty crops
  • Increases plant nutrient uptake, utilization, and delivery
  • Increased season long whole plant vegetative and reproductive growth
  • Increased chlorophyl output offering more photosynthetic energy
  • Promotes plant vigor and stress tolerance
  • Optimizes flowering, size, and cannabinoid concentration
  • Increased final dry bud weight and yields of terpenes and cannabinoids

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