Iluminar 40W iLW Green LED

SKU: IL-4025FSG-120 Emergency Green LED


The ILW-GREEN is a purpose built LED luminaire designed for safely lighting the dark cycle when growing short-day plants. ILUMINAR plant-safe soft green LEDs cannot be easily “seen” by plants allowing for critical tasks to be performed in the grow rooms during the dark cycle without the light adversely affecting the growth stage of the plant. The ILW-GREEN is also available with a 90-minute battery backup to provide plant-safe egress lighting for grow facilities without disrupting critical photoperiod times.

  • Easy installation in new construction or retrofit
  • Battery backup installation is available
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets are standard
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65 for Damp/Wet Conditions

Power Cord Not Included

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