Hydro-X Plus Controller w/ 4-in-1 Sensor (Temp/Humid/CO2/Light) + cable set & phone app



The Hydro-X Plus system is a professional-grade single zone environmental system. It has a 800x480 7” LED display monitor, and could control up to 512 lights, 8 temperature devices, 8 humidity devices, 4 CO2 devices, 12 preprogram devices. With the incredible flexibility and expanded product capacity, anyone could easily customize their own grow room system for maximum yield.

The system comes with an MBS-PRO 4-in-1 sensor detecting temperature, humidity, presence of light and CO2 ppm. An MBS-PAR can also be added to the system, it will automatically adjust light intensity to precisely maintain the lights utilizable for plant photosynthesis at the preset level. Up to 10 smoke detectors and 10 water detectors are also available for smoke and leaking detection to alert you if there is a fire and water leakage. Hydro-X Plus helps you to monitor your grow environments perfectly. When the measured value exceeds your custom setting range, a warning message will be sent to your smartphone.

Hydro-X Plus is specially designed to set up a daily lighting management for your lighting system. Having 2 separate lines allows the users to create multiple lighting layouts (and dimming sequence) based on their individual preferences. This system can efficiently control your lighting system by running a schedule with advanced functions like auto dimming, overheat shutdown, sunrise & sunset simulation.

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