HPS 1000W DE Grow Light 120/240V - with HPS Lamp



The 1000W HPS / MH double ended grow light is part of the Commercial Series that offers the most sophisticated technology on the market. Offering the highest available PAR light output and increased spectrum, with an all-new, proprietary single-handed “roll-lock” socket for easy lamp changing, the 1000W DE delivers the ultimate light output, superior uniformity, and deeper canopy penetration.


  • PPF: 2,100 µmol/s
  • The fixture comes with an ILUMINAR Lighting HPS Lamp
  • 120/240V models come with a 240V power cable

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*Every environment is unique and if you’re using additional supplemental lighting, it will change the light layout requirements. Click here for a complimentary Lighting Design specific to your garden.


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