Dramm PS-20 Speed Controllers

SKU: PS-20


The Dramm AME Variable Power-Station is designed to provide precise control in a variety of applications. The analog Power-Station can be used for controlling variable-speed single-phase fans, electrical heating, bulb or tube lights, cooling systems or other electrical devices. The Power-Station regulates the voltage to the electronic device. When used with AME variable-speed fans, the Variable Power-Station controls the voltage supplied to the fan, varying the speed of the fan.

The Variable Power-Station can be used as a manual controller or with other control systems. Additionally, the Power-Station is protected against extreme electrical fluctuations.The Power-Station is also provided with an alarm output that will trigger as a result of power failure, etc. and will automatically switch to the manual setting to keep fans running. An analog input (2-10vDC or 4-20mAmp) is included and can regulate the speed or turn off the controller using a signal input from a climate controller.

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