DLI DLM - 4 Zone Controller



DLM – 4 Zone Controller

The DLM-4 Zone Controller is specially designed to set up a Daily Lighting Management system for your Dutch Lighting Innovations fixtures. The DLM-4 Zone Controller can be connected to up to 4 separate zones of DLI lighting fixtures. Each zone can control up to 255 lights and 1 sensor, so in total you can control 1020 lights and 4 sensors.

Features of

DLM -4 Zone Controller

  • Controls over 1000 fixtures
  • Compatible with all DLI fixtures
  • Easy installation
  • Error logging
  • Each zone can control up to 255 lights and 1 sensor
  • Digital time clock
  • Measure the temperature of up to 4 zones
  • User can select to dim the lights if the temperature goes above their chosen set point
  • Simple to use DIN type bracket
  • Interconnecting communication cables are available in different lengths

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