Botrystop WP

SKU: 120709


BotryStop WP is a biological fungicide approved for organic use and developed specifically to protect blossoms, fruit, and plant tissue from the destructive fungal forces of Botrytis. BotryStop WP aggressively outcompetes Botrytis for space and nutrients in plant tissue, while outperforming other control options by up to 40%. That means healthier crops, greater yield, and a stronger business.

Features & Benefits

Product Information and Trial Data

  • Aggressively occupies the same physical space and outcompetes pathogens for the nutrients in the dead and senescing plant tissue
  • Superior performance compared to other biopesticides
  • Water-dispersible wettable powder formulation
  • Non-invasive, and causes no damage to live plant tissue
  • Exempt from residue tolerance
  • Fits seamlessly into integrated pest management programs
  • Excellent tool for resistance management

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