Azera Gardening

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Azera Gardening® is the ideal solution for hard-to-kill garden pests. Providing effective knockdown and kill to both hard and soft body insects. With two powerful active ingredients from botanical sources Azera Gardening® delivers optimal results through ingestion and contact with pests.

Azera Gardening® is OMRI listed for organic gardening and can be used on ornamental, leafy vegetables, fruit and nut trees, cereal grains, forage, grasses, and more.

  • Quickly kills both hard-bodied and soft-bodied insects from aphids to beetles.
  • Naturally breaks down in sunlight. Can be applied the same day fruits and veggies are picked.
  • OMRI listed. Accepted for Organic Gardening.
  • Made from Pyrethrins and Azadiracthtin, two of the most effective botanical insecticides used by organic gardeners.
  • Can be used on most types of fruits & vegetables.

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