Autopilot 8400 Digital CO2 Controller with Integrated Sensor

SKU: APC8400


Autopilot APC8400 Digital CO2 Controller with Integrated Sensor

The new Autopilot APC8400 CO2 Monitor & Controller with Integrated Sensor offers a simple and affordable way to control, monitor, and record CO2 levels.

Operation modes are CO2 enrichment or CO2 exhaust. Trace your room's CO2 levels over minutes, hours, or up to 7 days with this easy-to-use controller. The APC8400 also boasts a fully customizable CO2 setpoint and deadband. Adjust and review your CO2 levels when you want and how you want.

The APC8400's memory feature gives growers a real edge in fine-tuning the grow room environment. Optimize your indoor CO2 levels with this precision controller from Autopilot!


  • CO2 Enrichment or CO2 Exhaust
  • Record and review past CO2 levels for accurate analysis
  • CO2 Enrichment Function for tank/regulator setups & CO2 generators
  • CO2 Exhaust Function with customizable setpoint (exhaust fan application)
  • Controls and monitors CO2 from 0 to 5000 parts per million (PPM)
  • Adjustable CO2 setpoint & deadband
  • Integrated sensors include day/night detection
  • During night cycle the green backlit screen will illuminate for 30 seconds when making selections
  • 5' power cord

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